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What is Soma?

Soma (generic name is Carisoprodol) is a prescription based medication. Which is quite popular for getting rid of the muscle spasm and the pain sensations. Soma is evolved as a powerful muscle relaxant which is usually suggested by muscle lock up or muscle tense due to an injury. Due to its efficiency, It is ranking as the most popular selling muscle relaxer in many online pharmacies. The best experienced in using this medication is that it relieves the pain and acute back pain and muscle aches.

Who manufactures Soma?

Soma is a brand drug that is used to treat muscle pain in a person. Meda Pharmaceuticals is the licensed manufactures of Soma. If you are going to get the medication that is manufactured by Meda pharmaceuticals then it means that it is a brand drug.

The brand drug is nothing but the tablets that are first invented and sold to people. The brand pharmaceutical had the patent for this medication. Only after the patent expired, the active ingredient detail is offered to other pharmaceuticals. Those drug manufacturing companies that use this active ingredient and created their own version are mentioned as the generic ones.

There are various generic manufacturing companies in the world. Some of them are licensed and there are also many counterfeit ones. Due to the vast availability of generic Soma, it becomes a must to identify who is doing the business legally.

Check the name of the manufacturer and get the information about them through the net. Only if the pharmaceutical is licensed you can be consumed the pills that they are manufacturing. The tablets that they are making are only authentic and safe to be taken.

Available Soma brands

Soma medications are available in three Brand names and they are Pain O Soma, Soma max, and ProSoma. These three medicines are prescribed for the treatment of moderate to severe pain and all of them can be accessed in different dosages. Doctors prescribed any of these medications to the patient based on their intensity of pain. Here, let’s we see about these three brand pain relief medications in detail.

Pain O Soma: The active ingredient of this medication is Carisoprodol which is utilized for the pain relief and it treats several musculoskeletal disorders like a spasm, muscle tremor and muscles stiffness. This medicine works by blocking the pain sensation between the brain and nerves. It acts directly on the central nervous system and provides the relief from the muscle pain. It is mostly prescribed to the patients those who suffered from the previous injury and various disorders of muscles pain.

Soma Max: It is a well-known brand medicine of generic Somatropin. It is primarily recommended for the treatment of special deficiency condition of growth hormone secretion and manage growth hormone shortages. This medicine works accurately like a natural growth hormone and it is especially required for the development and growth of bones muscles. Rather than hormone growth, Soma Max medication is further utilized in the development of muscles tissues and fat. The prescribed dosage of this medicine is prescribed based on the patient's body weight, health condition, and age.

Pro-Soma: This medicine is classified under central nervous system depressant. It breaks the nerve sensation functioning across the pain site to the brain. It is a blockade to the neural communication between the spinal cord and reticular formation. With its impact, it prompt calmness and muscle relaxation. Adults will be prescribed to 250mg to 3501mg thrice in a day or 500mg twice in a day. Doctors would advise the patients to administer this medicine with sufficient amount of water.

Soma Legal Status

Soma one of the leading brand of Carisoprodol drug is classified legally under the US federal law. Under their analysis of this med, it has been categorized as the regulated pill. And the active ingredient present in this is categorized as the controlled substance which is scheduled under IV category.

This was held on December 2011 which is evident on the federal register vol 76 No 238. hence after the legal declaration, it is illegal to have Soma without a legal license or Rx. Later on November 17, 2009, a change on Soma was held and the drug is then moved to the Federal Register volume 74, No 220 by DEA. And more than a decade they have been regulating and controlling this med. This is enrolled in DEA Diversion Gov. This DEA has listed this Soma as the “Drug of Concern” from August 2006 till now.

As the United States, Controlled Substance Act has found that this med has the potential of abuse and addiction this measure was taken. However, the percentage was lower when compared to other drugs and med this is kept under the lower degree of the controlled category.


Being a muscle relaxer, Soma is the very much potent drug and usually able to cause harm to secure your health. So that it is important to stick to the doctor’s prescription.

The most common initial dose would be 400mg in a day. One Soma pill contains 100mg of the main active ingredients and a person should take four pills in a day. You should not consume this medication whole at once. Take the doses in four equal intervals in an entire day. Always consume the drug along with the water.

The changes in the dosage level should be the concern under the proper doctor supervision. Never proceed with any minor changes without contacting the doctor.

Skipping the usual dose

If you miss the regular dose, consume it as soon as possible when you remember. If it is the time for the next dose then skip this missed dose. Never take the skipped dose along with the regular dose. By doing so it leads to the cause severe side effects and sometimes addiction too.


In case if you are overdosing Soma then you will be accompanied by the low blood pressure, mental confusion, vertigo and other blackouts. Seek for the medical help as soon as possible since it can cause severe adverse effects.

Soma muscle relaxer use in back and muscle pain treatment

To treat back and muscle pain you will have a lot of treatments Soma muscle relaxer is the best and effective one among those. This medicine is made in the aim of stopping the sensation of the pain which is passed from the nerves to the brain. So when you take this you won't feel any pain.

The main active component of the Soma medication is Carisoprodol. It mainly affects the central nervous system. The major process of the components is that it prevents the Central Nervous System (CNS) sending the pain signals to the brain. Henceforth, it ultimately removes the painful sensation.

This muscle relaxer starts to act within 30 minutes after the consumption. The effect of the medication would last for about six hours. It sustains as a metabolizer in the liver region. The drug would start to dissolve to kidney and the half-life is nearly about eight hours.

You can also able to get the Soma medication to cure other diseases. In case if you need to the more detailed information regarding the pain matters, then seek for the health expert in this department, if you want to buy Soma then our online heads up to our online pharmacy.

Below listed disease are can able to cure by this treatment

  • Musculoskeletal pain,
  • Different aspects of the Trauma origin,
  • Various muscles injuries,
  • Increase in efficiency of the different physical ailments,
  • Post-operative treatment deal with the muscle relaxant.

Soma Carisoprodol contraindications

You should have to inform your healthcare professionals before you buy Soma online. Instead, avoid taking this medication on your own.

Consumption of alcohol alongside with this drug can cause severe health mishaps. The person with the history of drug or substance addiction should not take this drug since it became the habit-forming. It is classified under the schedule IV category drug which means it is the kind of controlled substance that has been potential for the causing the strong substances under the schedules of I, II and III.

It can also cause severe health disorder in the fetus. So, a pregnant woman should consult with the gynecologists before commencing this treatment.

However, This is designed with the inclusion of sedative properties. Since for the pronounced sedative effects, you may experience the effects of sleepiness and vertigo. So this can cause for the reflection of the lack of concentration. Therefore, you should not be the concern on any heavy activity that requires the high concentration of driving, operating heavy machinery etc. by spending such carefulness you will protect yourself from the possible consequences.


Individuals, who are taking or planning to take this muscle relaxant, then consider the following precaution measurements.

When you notice allergic sensation while taking Soma Carisoprodol, stop the drug immediately, and consult your medical practitioner to prescribe some other muscle relaxant for your ailment.

Before ordering Soma Carisoprodol, disclose to your doctor in case of blood disorders, intermittent porphyries, liver and kidney diseases, cramps and any other medical conditions rather than pain.

As this medication classified under controlled substance list due to the addictive nature, individuals who are addicted to any form of medications not allowed to take this medication.

People who require high concentration in work are advised to avoid Soma because sometimes it may cause sleepiness or vertigo.

Combination of this medication along with alcoholic drink can lead you to drug interactions and cause adverse effects.

Do not take soma during the pregnancy time especially when you are the period of trimesters. This is because this medication has the potential to pass through your breast milk and their impacts on your newborn infant, therefore, consult your healthcare professional while buying Soma Carisoprodol without prescription.

Adverse effects

Before heading to buy Soma online, do consult with your physician about the possible adverse effects. Such a way, that it can cause for some of the undesirable side effects.

  • Respiratory failure.
  • Seizures.
  • Paralysis.
  • Frequent weakness.
  • Vision impairment.
  • Tremor.
  • Vertigo.
  • Head pain.
  • Sleeping disorders.
  • Allergic responses.

The above mentioned side effects are experienced by the Soma users. In the similar fashion, it also causes other undesirable effects that are not listed here.

Soma review - Way to beat the pain

Soma will alleviate you from acute to chronic pain caused by muscle injuries and it is used along with some other medication to treat these muscle or injuries. It is advisable to use soma for a short-term period since it is a short-term relief medication.

Carisoprodol is the prime active ingredient of the medication. This muscle relaxant has classified under controlled substance in almost all the countries due to its powerful nature. Thereof, purchase soma online after your physician consultation.

As this medication is addictive in nature, it is extremely important to do not use this medication for the patients who have a history of drug or alcohol addiction

Onset action mechanism

The exact onset action mechanism of soma is yet unknown in human though the researchers have studied this medication action by experimenting animals. In animal studies, the active and inactive compounds of the drug directly act and alter the connection of neuron activity in the spinal cord. As a result, it impacts the reticular formation in the central nervous system.

Soma over the counter medication reacts in the brain by preventing pain signals transmission between nerve cells and brain cells. However, this is an assumption of health care professionals and researchers but to know the exact onset action, it requires furthermore study as well as research about the medicine.

Moreover, you can take a look at the official website and other renowned information portals to collect more details about the medication before the start of purchasing soma online.

Soma over the counter warnings

  • The drug is not recommended for pregnant women, particularly during the period of I trimester and other periods as well but with doctor approval, you can use during II and II trimesters with caution.
  • Before order soma without prescription, individuals must disclose to their doctor if they have had any diseases.
  • If you are allergic to taking this medication, avoid the medication at the instance itself.
  • Do not mix it with alcohol because it can develop the risk of adverse effects on your health.
  • This medication is not recommended for breastfeeding women because the active ingredient of the drug can pass through milk so that it can affect your newborn baby. Henceforth, consult with your doctor before buying soma online.
  • While driving or doing heavy work right after the medication is strictly prohibited because such practice can cause vertigo and sleepiness.
  • If you have kidney or liver disorders, avoid buying soma online.

Soma Purchasing Information

Soma laws are very strict in all countries including the United States and buyers can not able to purchase the medicine either online or offline without prescription. Even though Soma medication is available at online pharmacies without medical Rx, buyers should be careful before purchase it through an online portal because there are numerous counterfeit, illegitimate and unlicensed drugstores endeavor to sell Soma medication that consists of harmful ingredients at a cheaper price. Hence consumer should think twice before buying Soma online without prescription. Before purchasing Soma medication, consumers ought to get their physician advice and medical script from them. It is necessary to check the legitimacy of the online pharmacy website before buying it. Some of the steps involved in analyzing the site authenticity and here we have listed some of them.

  • VIPPS seal - National Association Board of Pharmacy would provide a VIPPS seal to the online pharmacies who are running in a legal manner and follows all the rules and regulation of federal laws. The online pharmacy which is approved by NABP is considered to be a legitimate place to purchase Soma medication.
  • FDA-approved Seal - You can make a purchase of Soma medication from an internet drugstore which one would mention FDA-approved seal on their website. This seal implies that the medicine carried out by the internet drugstores are approved by the Department of Food and Drugs and Administration for sale.

Ordering Soma online

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