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Ownership of rights

No one has the right to take and make use of the content found on the website. Sharing, copying or storing the content found on this page only for personal use. Any found indulging in these activities for other uses will be liable to face legal issues. Those who wish to use the content found on this page for non-commercial purposes must first obtain a written permission from buy-somaonline.com. All the information displayed on the site including text and links have been copyrighted according to the various intellectual property laws.

Some of the content found on the site has been copyrighted by third party owners. This is possible due to the fact that our site allows affiliate or external links. However, when it comes to certain content that contains information on medicines the copyrights belong to their respective owners. Users of the site are prohibited from selling, modifying, transmitting, publishing, copying, exploiting or transferring any content displayed on the site in a manner that is derogatory. Doing so would be considered an offense.

Accuracy of Information

All possible efforts have been taken by buy-somaonline.com to ensure that the data and information displayed on this site are accurate. When it comes to prices and other information related to products we have taken the upmost effort to see that they are accurate. We did this by submitting them for reviews. As for the pictures, we have taken whatever that is possible to ensure the images have the same composition when they are uploaded.

General terms of use

Whenever a user has checked the “I Agree” checkbox before they access the information will be recorded as proof that he/she has accepted the terms and conditions found on this page. Users have permission to access the website’s information as long as it is done is a righteous way. Using this access in any other way will be considered a the violation of the terms of use. Anyone who does so will have to face legal issues. We do not bear any responsibility for the damage an email sent by Buy-somaonline.com if it has sent on behest of a customer. When a website is left unprotected there are high chances for the emails sent to be intercepted and result in interim quarrels will happen over communication. At such times we are not accountable for the damage that happens on the website. Only non-proprietary concept and suggestions have been used on the site and it is within buy-somaonline.com to use these materials. Sending or publishing any information on this website that will cause us to receive criminal liability is highly forbidden.

Third Party Endorsement

Buy-somaonline.com has never endorsed any product that has come from third party sites. We also clearly state no third party website is allowed to own the information found on this site.

Prescription Mandatory

Whenever you are going to make a purchase, make sure that your prescription is valid and the healthcare professional from whom you obtained is licensed. Buy-somaonline.com will process the order only after validating your prescription.

The scope of the Agreement

All of our terms and contracts which are displayed on this page will figuratively represent the contract that has been accepted between the user and Buy-somaonline.com. The terms of our contract are connected to many. True, laws can become invalid over time and when invalid they cannot be enforced. However, these invalid laws will not affect factors applying to other terms in the contract that have been highlighted.