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Did Soma killed Dana Plato?

did soma killed dana platoDana Plato was a popular Hollywood child star who had appeared in the hilarious television show called Diff’rent Strokes in the late 1970s. She was allegedly committed suicide due to the hardships she was facing in both personal and professional lives. Several media articles had reported it wasn’t a suicide but unintentional overdose of Lortab and Valium drugs. There were reports that she died of the overdose of the drug Soma and Lortab. So keeping all the rumors and reports aside, can Soma produce fatal reactions? Our Soma store editors have come with their research answers and the answer is as follows:

It was not just an overdose but drug interaction:

In the case of Dana Plato, she has the medical history of taking painkillers like Lortab and sedatives like Valium for a long time before her death. In fact, she got arrested for morphing the prescription of valium during the early 1990s. She had also given open statements admitting she was recuperating from drug addictions.

If we consider her death scene, it wasn’t just a drug reaction due to overdose but a mixture of two contradictory drugs. Taking Lortab which is an opioid (narcotic) drug with a painkiller like Soma caused serious interaction. In the case of Plato, it was unfortunately fatal.

The statistics report that out of 2.2 million Lortab users, close 1.2 million were admitted in hospitals with emergency cases due to the overdose. Lortab has huge potential for abuse and addiction. Since opioid medicines are narcotic they are mistaken as sleeping medicines against their actual nature which is relaxing the moderate to severe pains.

What was the exact Cause of her Death?

As per the report, she and her friend decided to stay in her recreational vehicle for the night and she had Valium and Lortab combined in large valium for her avoid pain relapse during the sleep. It is said that she did not wake up and died during the sleep.

Did Soma kill Plato?

Though some articles report she used to take Soma frequently and allegedly she could’ve taken at that night. But one question arises, can Soma reactions be fatal? No, unless the drug is been frequently abused for so many years. The cause of death was finalized by the authorities that it was the combinational overdose of Vanadom (Soma and this medicine share the same active ingredient, Carisoprodol) and Vicodin. This will be concluded such as combined overdose had directed to her demise but not one individual medicine. So, it is always better to purchase Soma pills after getting the advice from healthcare professional.