Shipping Policy

Ensuring that our customer gets their Soma pills on time, has developed a suitable shipping policy. We can ship the drug to you within 1-2 days. This has been made possible thanks to the collaboration we have with different courier companies.

We get orders for Soma pills from all parts of the world and to ensure that we deliver to our customers we have formed understandings with some of the best shipping companies.

The commonest doubt people have is about getting their shipment on time. Do not worry. The first thing you will receive after we have confirmed your order is the tracking ID. Not only that you will be constantly updated about the status of your shipment through messages.

Under most circumstances, we will send out your shipment within two or maximum three business days. However, if you have placed your order on a weekend, we will send your shipment out on the online pharmacy’s next working day.

To ensure that our customers can get their Soma pills within one or two days we are using USPS. They have provided different options for one day, two days, and 5 to 12 days delivery.

If you have chosen one day or two day delivery, your shipment will reach you as promised. Those who choose one day delivery must pay 60 dollars as delivery charges while those who choose two days delivery, must pay 40 dollars as delivery charges. However, if you do not want to pay any delivery charges then you can choose the 5 to 12 days delivery option. When you choose this option, the maximum time your shipment will take to reach you will be 12 days.

Our online pharmacy would delivery Soma pills to various parts of the world.

All deliveries inside the US will start from our warehouse located in Chicago, Illinois.

Placing a bulk order with us can help you get free delivery, even if you choose one day or two days delivery. It does not matter if you are a loyal customer or returning customer, the money you pay for your shipment is very less. has the best shipping policy when you compare to the ones offered by others. Your shipment will reach your location and will be given to you. Delay of the shipment in reaching you will be either due to genuine reasons or a natural calamity.

When we prepare your shipment, we ensure that your parcel is securely packed. This is done to ensure that the pills are not damaged on the way to you. However, in cases where pills sent by us were damaged before they reached, we will accept full responsibility. As a sign of good faith, we will try to send a fresh shipment of the pill to your place. This is done so that you get your Soma pills.