Refund Policy understands the importance of having a refund policy. That is because the refund policy of our Soma online pharmacy says much about the company. We have crafted our refund policy so that it benefits the customers while still obeying the federal laws.

Our customers come from different parts of the world and to deliver Soma pills to these customers we use different ways. The shipment containing the pills can be sent through either land, sea or air. Depending on the distance the shipment may combine two or three of the above methods. Due to the change in methods of transportation, there is a small chance that the pills might get damaged.

Like we said the chances of that happening is very small, so there is no need to be stressed by it. And even by some ill fortune, the pill gets damaged, our refund policy will reduce the stress you feel when you find out.

When it comes to refunds we will follow federal laws. That is if the damage to the pills was due to an action on our part, it is our responsibility to address it.

If we are responsible for the damage, a new set of the pill will be sent to your place. In such cases, you don’t have to pay anything not even the shipping charges.

There may be cases where shipping replacement pills to your place may not be possible. Under such circumstances, we will refund your money.

In case you find out that the pill you received is damaged, you should immediately call the customer care service team and inform them about it. After the information has been passed to them, the customer care service team’s job is to raise a ticket and ensure that the necessary steps for the situation are followed.

There is bound to be some doubt about whether you are eligible to use the refund policy. To this, we say that every one of our customers who fulfill these conditions will be eligible for a refund.

  • If you immediately inform a representative of the customer care service team about the damage. If you inform the representative after a week after receiving the pills you would not be eligible for a refund.
  • We provide a refund for damages that were caused when the pills were transported to your place. However, if the damaged happened at your end, we do not take responsibility.
  • If the pills you received had already expired before they reach you, then you are eligible to receive replacement pills or the refund of your money. This as mentioned above will depend on whether we can send the replacement pills to your place.
  • In case you have received the pills but then decided that you are not going to take them. And since you are not taking you are asking for a refund. In such cases, we will not refund your money.
  • We highly recommend that you check the name of the pill, it’s spelling, and other details carefully before placing your order. All details of the medicines have been provided on our site. Thus, we will not provide you with a refund if you had ordered the wrong medicine.
  • If by chance you have damaged the pills or any person you know has damaged the pills, then you will not get a refund. That is if you need the pills for your treatment, then you should order them again. And when you order for new pills you will have to both for the pills and the cost of shipping them to your place.