Privacy Policy

The privacy policy provided at here will be applicable to all the information, that this site or its affiliates sites can receive about the users while they are using any of the services, programs and products.

Using of the sites would mean that consent of the user to this privacy policy and the terms of use of his/her personal details specified therein; At any case of disagreement to these conditions, the user will not be allowed to use the site.

Collecting and Processing of Personal Information of the Users

  • We do require some of the person information of the users visiting to our website.
  • If you have chosen our website to procure the pain relief medication, then you have to register with us to access the information provided on the website.
  • Your personal details would include a contact number, email ID, and your residential address.
  • This would be done by the users while they are registering with us, as a process of using this website.
  • We own the rights to retain and use the information that has been provided by you, such as you sending emails to use in correspondence to the information regarding the medicines or any of your information to the Third Parties for commercial purposes.
  • The other informationabout the user, its collection or provision of which specified in the regulatory documents of the individual services.
  • We ensure the security of the information that has been provided by the consumers, and we will handle them all in accordance with the privacy policy of our website.

Purpose of Receiving and Processing Personal information of Users

  • We would only receive and stores the personal information of the users that are necessary for the provision of the services from this website.
  • The user’s personal details will be used for the purpose of identification of a third party under agreements and contracts.
  • To provide the personalized services from our website to the users.
  • We would some of the information regarding the medication and other emails to the users that includes the updates in terms of use and the privacy policy, changes in any services of our website, and also to process the requests and any applications send by the user.
  • The personal details of the user would be required so as to improve the quality of the site, ease of use, the development of new services, to targeting any advertising materials such as texts, images, or contents and also for statistical conduct and other studies of the impersonal information.

Conditions for processing the Personal information of Users and Disclosing it to the Third Parties

  • Processing the personal details of the users in accordance with the internal regulations of specific services.
  • The information provided by the user will be maintained highly confidentially.
  • We will take all the necessary measures to limit the usage of your personal details on our website.
  • However, we do disclose some of your personal details to the Third Parties, but we do take all the necessary actions to prevent it from crossing the limit.
  • Sharing that information with the Third parties will help you to get the some of the services provided by them.
  • gives you an assurance, that all your personal details will be protected and would not be shared with anyone unless if it is needed to the extent.

Personal Information of the User Update

  • The user is free to make any changes on their personal information or part of it, also they can upgrade their privacy settings by using the editing function given on the site.
  • The user can also delete their personal details that are provided by them only within their user account.

Necessary measures to Protect the Personal Information of Users

  • We would take all the necessary and sufficient measures so as to protect the personal information about the users from the third parties or any unauthorized access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution as well as form any other illegal actions of third parties with it.

Changing the Privacy Policy of the Website

  • Our website has the right to amend this privacy policy. If any changes is made to the current version of the information, then the date of the last update will be indicated. Every changes will be mail and notified to the user’s side. The new version of the policy will be put into the practice from the moment of its placement, else it will be indicated on the new version of the policy.