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The best pain reliever is Soma – A true life incident

Soma to cure pain“I have a good friend who is my neighbor and also my well-wisher. He is very proficient in athletics and he is a professional road running champion. Indeed, he is pursuing his college studies from a reputed American University, he is very much interested in athletics. He used in work hard every day and sometimes he can’t find 24 hrs to be sufficient for his works. In fact, he used to practice running hard so much after college hours, that his parents were unable to see him at home. He loves to run all the day in the ground and he got medals and champions in various sports events and was widely appreciated for his hard work and dedication. Meanwhile, the time comes where he juggles between his passion sports and college studies. And that’s become the reason for everything.

His parents are fully supportive and they keep on encouraging him for his hard work. Sometimes, I used to observe him running and was always fascinated by his dedication. His obsession towards road running was so much to an extent that, he used to run all night time and also tried cross-country running. AOnsome occasions, he even run without proper coach guidance. As a good friend of mine, I always used to encourage him and motivate. In fact, we used to hang out together and spend some jolly time here in our college sports ground. Meanwhile, he is getting ready for an upcoming international road running championship event, which is a dream run for my friend.  As like any other weekends, we were supposed to meet at the same college ground on one Saturday. But something happened unusually. Yes, I received a call from his parents saying that he is suffering from severe muscle pain and he can’t come for the day. I immediately started off to his home to find out what is really happening there. Much to my disappointment, he was terribly suffering from muscle pain in his leg. Without wasting much time, I took him to a nearby doctor. After the doctor examines him, the doctor confirmed that my friend is suffering from Muscle Spasms. Doctor also explains to us that after any type of injury or strain in the soft issues of your muscles can cause or the reason of any type of muscle spasm. The doctor also explained that this muscle spasms are most common for any athletes but gives severe pain on that region. Doctor prescribed my friend to take a medicine called ‘Soma’, which is a muscle relaxer that blocks pain sensations between the brain and nerves.

As the doctor prescribed, we decided to buy Soma medicine from a popular online pharmacy store and after a day’s time, we received our medicine in hand. As per the doctor’s prescription and advice, my friend takes Soma 3 times per day and follows the doctor’s dosing instruction. As per the doctor’s advice, he has started and experiencing the positive effects within two days itself. My friend was so happy that he is getting out from pain stage by stage after a week. And I am happy to share that my friend becomes the championship in that international road running sports event and whenever he come across people suffering from muscle spasms he advises them to take this Soma medicine with full confidence. He also advises all his athletic friends to keep this Soma medicine in hand for immediate muscle relaxation.

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What are the Soma Scary effects?

Scary effects of Soma medicationIf an individual suddenly wakes up from a deep sleep, the reason must be either a bad dream or severe muscle pain. Muscle spasm is one medical condition which gives a great deal of pain, especially during the night times. Though the spasms are lasts of the very short period of time, the individual must deal with severe pain in the muscle and they have abruptly most of the time. So to avoid sudden spasms people use medicines like Soma. The medicine is regarded as the muscle relaxer; it is quite popular all over the world. It acts very quickly and blocks the pain sensation.

Soma pills are also prescribed for hurting musculoskeletal conditions, muscles injuries, acute pain because of Post-operative treatment and injuries. The equal amount of physical therapies along with the medication would help the individual to successfully cease the pain quickly. The active ingredient of Soma pill is Carisoprodol which stops the system sending pain signals to the brain. So, ordering Soma for acute pain relief is always be the good decision.

Scary effects of Soma pills

Rapid heartbeats

One of the scary side effects of Soma pills are the Rapid Heartbeats. In general conditions, the normal heartbeat rate would be 60 to 100 beats per minute. During the time of rapid heartbeats, the rate might exceed 100-120, which could cause great discomfort and pain sometimes. Though it will be get sorted within some time, it is better to advise your doctor as you started feeling strange. The symptoms of this condition would be, being extremely anxious and you will have the felt heart pounding your chest and throat. You could also feel irregular heartbeats (Palpitations).


It is the most serious side effect of Soma pills. Although it is extremely caring, there is the possibility of individual facing Paralysis especially if the drug is abused to great extent. Paralysis briefly means loss of muscle functioning in one particular part of your body. It could be complete or partial, at times it could be as severe as paralyzing one whole side of your body. Irrespective of the intensity medical attention is required for this particular side effect.

Risk of Abuse

It is known that muscle spasm leads to a great deal of pain, in some cases the pain will be overwhelming, and with this fear the individual might take the additional pills to get relief from those kinds of pain. It would eventually increase the tolerance towards the drug and your system would accept the drug in large quantities. There is also a possibility for addiction where you would feel the requirement of the medicine every time. Though many individuals would take Soma pills to get relief from the muscle pains in the starting time eventually they will get addicted to these pain relief drugs. We advise people who had the drug history and alcohol addiction in the past not to consume Soma pills at any cost, your addiction may relapse. See through that you won’t increase the prescribed dosage by any insignificant level. Generally, the prescribed dosage of Soma pills is 400mg for a day.

Soma overdose might lead to negative reactions such as

  • Blackouts
  • Vertigo
  • Problems with breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Low BP(Blood Pressure)
  • etc.

Rushed Withdrawal

We recommend that you stick to the prescription of your doctor. If you wish to withdraw the course, do not make the decision without consulting the doctor. It might become very risk; Since Soma is a Schedule IV drug consultation with the doctor at every step would be very beneficial. The abrupt withdrawal may lead to harsh side effects like seizures, tremors, losing consciousness (fainting), and loss of vision etc.

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How to get Soma Pills Legally from USA?

buy soma online legally from usaFirst, if you have a question of whether can I purchase Soma pills legally from the United States? The answer is yes, you can order Soma pills from the US legally. You should have an original Rx(prescription) from a licensed doctor or a healthcare professional for getting the legitimate pills. Since it is a pain medication used for treating repetitive muscle spasms, you cannot get the medication without submitting a legitimate prescription. The food and drug administration (FDA) classified this drug as Schedule IV as it has the mild potential for drug abuse, and it is completely illegal to get this Soma drug without a proper prescription. If you have the prescription (or valid Rx) you buy this medicine legally not in the United States, but throughout the world.

The Prescription for Soma pills is mandatory whether you thought of buying it in the local medical shop or in an online pharmacy. It is very much suggested that you get this drug only after having the Rx (or the prescription). It is not just illegal but you may also end up in having health issues by consuming the medicine in incorrect doses or it could lead to drug abuse and addiction. We advise you to order Soma pills in the honest way to avoid all the legal and health repercussions.

What should I know about buying Soma Pills legally from the US?

Buy Soma pills with a valid prescription is the primary aspect which has to be followed to buy them legally from the United States. In case you are interested in ordering Soma pills from an online pharmacy, there are few things that have to be followed. Never choose an online pharmacy which sends illicit emails like extremely cheap prices and no prescription needed etc. They are completely operated by illegal persons. Choose a reputed online pharmacy to avoid all such mishaps. You will able to find the genuine online pharmacy through the recommendations of your friends and family or you can find it with the help of websites like They provide the doctor facility if you don’t have the valid prescription and the website will have the complete information regarding the Soma pills. The medicines which are ordered through Rx will be delivered at your doorstep within 2-3 days.

Is there an alternate way to order Soma pills without a doctor’s prescription online?

Yes, you can get the valid Soma pills without having the doctor’s prescription. For that, you have to choose the online pharmacy which has the doctor facility or association with a medical consultancy. It is not a problem anymore if you don’t meet the doctor in person. You can get the Rx with the assistance of the online pharmacies. Individuals who are suffering from Muscle spasms could get the Rx prescription from the Legal healthcare professional with the facility.

The procedure is plain and simple. You have to create an account in the online pharmacy you have chosen and give the relevant data that is asked. The doctor available online would study your information and make the decision of the appropriate doses. We suggest you order Soma pills in a stress-free manner. The same procedure can be followed for any medication you choose to buy.

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Did Soma killed Dana Plato?

did soma killed dana platoDana Plato was a popular Hollywood child star who had appeared in the hilarious television show called Diff’rent Strokes in the late 1970s. She was allegedly committed suicide due to the hardships she was facing in both personal and professional lives. Several media articles had reported it wasn’t a suicide but unintentional overdose of Lortab and Valium drugs. There were reports that she died of the overdose of the drug Soma and Lortab. So keeping all the rumors and reports aside, can Soma produce fatal reactions? Our Soma store editors have come with their research answers and the answer is as follows:

It was not just an overdose but drug interaction:

In the case of Dana Plato, she has the medical history of taking painkillers like Lortab and sedatives like Valium for a long time before her death. In fact, she got arrested for morphing the prescription of valium during the early 1990s. She had also given open statements admitting she was recuperating from drug addictions.

If we consider her death scene, it wasn’t just a drug reaction due to overdose but a mixture of two contradictory drugs. Taking Lortab which is an opioid (narcotic) drug with a painkiller like Soma caused serious interaction. In the case of Plato, it was unfortunately fatal.

The statistics report that out of 2.2 million Lortab users, close 1.2 million were admitted in hospitals with emergency cases due to the overdose. Lortab has huge potential for abuse and addiction. Since opioid medicines are narcotic they are mistaken as sleeping medicines against their actual nature which is relaxing the moderate to severe pains.

What was the exact Cause of her Death?

As per the report, she and her friend decided to stay in her recreational vehicle for the night and she had Valium and Lortab combined in large valium for her avoid pain relapse during the sleep. It is said that she did not wake up and died during the sleep.

Did Soma kill Plato?

Though some articles report she used to take Soma frequently and allegedly she could’ve taken at that night. But one question arises, can Soma reactions be fatal? No, unless the drug is been frequently abused for so many years. The cause of death was finalized by the authorities that it was the combinational overdose of Vanadom (Soma and this medicine share the same active ingredient, Carisoprodol) and Vicodin. This will be concluded such as combined overdose had directed to her demise but not one individual medicine. So, it is always better to purchase Soma pills after getting the advice from healthcare professional.

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Back pain reliever which is the best?

Back pain is the most painful injury that is been experienced by many people these days. Due to changes in the lifestyle, and the food we intake are the major reasons for the back pain. Henceforth, the researchers get into the deep insights to find out the right medication for the treating the back pain thereof back pain reliever comes into existence.

Carisoprodol which is the generic name of the brand name medication. Like some other medications, while the invention of some other medicine accidentally the researchers found this drug. Then they came to know this will act as a muscle relaxer which helps to cure the pain. This is the story of the Soma medication how it became the best pain reliever.

These days you can order Soma online easily from our internet based drugstore. This is the place where we can start this treatment in a proper manner.

How should you use the back pain relievers?

The back pain will last up to one to three weeks and lift the heavyweight or fall on the floor are the one of the cause for the back pain relievers. The back pain is characterized by the skin area muscles tension of the back where there could be the displacement of the vertebrae and the abnormalities of the discs. So, there is an enhancement of the muscle tone and the fixation of the vertebrae. It is kind of protecting the ability of the human body.

If the person feels the back pain it ultimately means that the pain signals are transmitted to the brain in which it gives the sudden increases in the muscles tension in the area of the pain. Due to the muscles tension, the patients would experience the stiffness and the spams in the pain area.

The back pain relievers are used for relaxing the pain sensation. Treatment is radically appointed in the sense of the back pain. As stated there are various medicines are available in the course of treating the back pain. For instance, you can choose the cheap Soma that can be enough to treat the back pain effectively. No spa massage or acupuncture treatment is needed in the case of back pain when using the Soma medication.

Thought Soma is an opioid class of drugs which is used to quickly remove the discomfort in the back. Due to the possibility of the side effects which is being some could treat, self-medication is generally prohibited.

The back pain relaxants are such as cheap Soma is one of the drugs that are immobilized for the skeletal muscles, spasms and are for the used for sprains. Soma back pain reliever is sometimes injected into the intramuscular aimed to achieve the better faster results. You can also order Soma without prescription for the use of recovering the mobility.

The list of muscle relaxants that are the used for the back pain treatment are generic Soma, Mydocalm, baclofen etc.

The back pain relievers are having the peripheral effect which is the major role in the neuromuscular that are used in the operations. Soma medication must be taken accordingly what the physician prescribed to extent of the back pain.

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Lower back pain muscle relaxants lists

In the middle of the last century, the first muscle relaxant pill Carisoprodol was invented. While the invention of the antibacterial agents accidentally they have invented this class of drugs. After that, it was used for the muscle relaxation.

Nowadays you can see a lot of muscle relaxants. Also, these muscle relaxants are used to cure the lower back pain.

How we can use the muscle relaxants?

Low back is supporting the upper body weight and helps us for twisting and bending. When you are having an injury to the muscle, discs or joint the lower back pain will occur. Sometimes heavy lifting, improper exercise method, fracture also will cause this pain.

When this inflammation is heavy that will create the low back pain. Basically, this will automatically go within 3-4 weeks. Otherwise, you can use the muscle relaxants or any other therapies to get an immediate cure.

As you know muscle relaxants are used to relax the muscles in the body. Like the same when we are facing the lower back pain the muscle relaxants are easily relaxed our muscles and clear the pain. One can easily cure the lower back pain with these medications.

Many medicines are used for this treatment. For a sample, one can buy Soma online or Cyclobenzaprine. Muscle relaxants are central nerves acting drugs to reduce the skeletal muscle spasm.

A muscle relaxant is used to get rid of the back discomfort. And the medicine and its dosage only prescribed by the doctors only.  It has some adverse effects so using Soma without doctor advice is not a suggested method.

These muscle relaxants used to get a complete relief from the common human issues like spasms and skeletal muscles get a cheap Soma from an online pharmacy to get a complete relief. To get a better and quick relief sometimes these muscle relaxant will inject to the body so that immediately your pain will go away. At the same time for some pains like a headache to get an immediate relief, these muscle relaxants are combined with painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines.

These muscle spasms are the cause of the lower back pain and it will stop the spine mobility. By using these muscle relaxants easily we can get rid of the pain and if you are taking the physiotherapeutic procedure by using it easily you can come out of that too. Order Soma without prescription and use it within just three weeks you will see the improvement.

Some famous muscle relaxants for the lower back pain treatment are Carisoprodol (Soma), Cyclobenzaprine and Dantrolene.

Like the other drugs, physical works like exercises and some manual therapies will increase the effectiveness of the drug. As we said above the type of medicine and its dosage level is prescribed by the doctor only. That too they will provide after the complete health checkup only. And the medicine taking duration is based on how your body copes with the medicine and its process only.

To get an immediate relief already we have seen that we can use the exercises and some other drugs like the same non-steroidal analgesics medicines and some anti-inflammatory medicines also will help you get a quick relief from the pain.

The main aim of these muscle relaxants is skeletal muscle spasms reduction, getting relief from the pain and finally affected muscles mobility increasing. In this case, generic Soma will help you to get a quick relief with fewer side effects at a cheap cost. That’s why more number of people is trusted on this medication.

What medicines are prescribed for lower back pain?

As we seen above as per the report of WebMD more than 10 different types of medication are prescribed to cure the lower back pain. Based on the user’s reviews, usage and their satisfaction level with the medication we suggest Soma for the lower back pain.

Not only muscle relaxants when all medicines are taken under a proper doctor guidance one can easily get relief from the issues without getting into any problems. As we discussed one should consume Soma as per the prescription not more than that with complete doctor advice.

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Soma muscle relaxer benefits and usage

Medicine Information

Soma is a skeletal muscle relaxant medication which is mainly intended for the treatment of pain and injuries in muscles. It is a brand name and also this medication comes in the generic form. The generic name of brand Soma is Carisoprodol. The caffeine, aspirin, and codeine are the available ingredients in this medicine.

Soma pain relief medication makes the people lead to drug abuse who have frequently used the medication for the longer time period. It is a pill that develops tolerance in the patients who abuse more Soma medication to get out the most necessary effectiveness. Later the drug abuse leads to addiction. Nearly 2 millions of people in the United States have abused this medication. It is always better to follow the doctor guidelines when you take brand Carisoprodol pill which will help you to avoid drug abuse and addiction.

When you take cheap Soma properly at the right time as directed by a physician, you will get relief from pain and makes your muscles to be relaxed. The tablet breaks down in the body and ingredients start to dissolve to develop meprobamate, which is a substance utilized to lower the anxiety issues.

Equanil and Miltown are the brand versions of this elements.

For the past ten years, Soma myorelaxant drug abuse has been raised dramatically. Most of the patients frequently mix Soma Carisoprodol with other medications such as Xanax and Vicodin.

The name of this mixture was known as “Holy Trinity” or Houston Cocktail”. The reputation of this mixture implies that these three pills are issued in large quantity by corrupt medical healthcare professionals crew “pill mills” which is a pain management hospital that expected to trade the medicines for the benefit. For example, in a 15 month period, a Houston specialist had given in excess of 40000 medical prescriptions for Soma pill.

Soma Coma is a mixture when you combined Soma Carisoprodol with codeine. It might also mix with heroin or alcohol.Most of the individuals who winded up in the emergency area, combine Soma with other medications.


When you used generic Carisoprodol in higher dosages, some of the side effects may develop such as vision loss, fatigue, chest pain, vertigo and lack of coordination.

Soma medicine might develop tolerance and its overdosage might lead to fatal. When these side effects might cause, you may encounter increased heartbeat, shortness of breath, vomiting, chills, coma, insomnia, and death.

When patients might experience stomach pain, headache, insomnia, sickness, and seizures, then try to stop taking cheap Soma pills and consult the doctor immediately without any delay.

The Status change of Soma medications

Drug Enforcement Administration has decided to ban this medication for sale in 2011 because of it’s high abuse attainable. Thereafter DEA department has put the skeletal muscle relaxant medication on Scheduled IV Controlled Substance under the list of barbiturates and benzodiazepines.

Although, people with pain can easily buy Soma online when you choose the legitimate place. It is necessary to consult the doctor before buying Soma medication. Once you are addicted to this medication, you can not able to stop using even your desire to drop off.


Fortunately, patients who want to recover from drug abuse and addiction problem may consult with drug rehabilitation centers where you will get the treatment for your addiction.

As this center will conduct the program to the drug addiction patients which deals efficiently with the side effects of medicine abuse. All kind of patients can participate in the program and can lead a new life after recovery from addiction.

Is it possible to buy Soma without a prescription?

Soma belongs to the prescription pill hence it is necessary to have the prescription for Soma online purchase. However, most of the online pharmacies provide doctor consultation service to patients who require a medical prescription to buy the pain relief medication. The process of getting the consultation from internet doctor is not a difficult task since you have to indicate to them about your past medical conditions, age, gender and answer all the queries related to your health. Suppose if you require to take generic Soma medication, ask your physician to provide Rx for it. If your internet physician feels that it is suitable for your health condition, then he/she will prescribe you this medication online.

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Snorting Soma and its effects

Snorting Soma is nothing but taking the medicine orally or crushing the tablet and inhaling it. By doing this the drug will directly go to the brain then it will create a deep effect. This is the reason why people snort the medication. Like this people abuse all opioid painkillers in many different ways such as consuming alcohol while taking the medication, injecting and smoking it. These are very bad and will create a lot of side effects. Mainly painkillers like Soma after the first time snorting or inhaling will reduce the heartbeat and sometime it will lead to a coma like adverse effects. So it’s better to avoid inhaling the medications.

Why people snort Soma?

Not only Soma lot of painkillers and cocaine are used in these type. Because when the people suffered from the pain they won’t wait for the drugs normal working time. That time they will use this method to get immediate relief. But that’s not a good way; increasing the effect of inhaling the drug they will become addicted to this method as well as the drug. Also while using this method Soma will pass through the nose so it will create a lot of effects on the nose and nasal passages.

Dangers of Soma snorting

As we seen above by Soma inhaling through the nose will create several serious side effects. Some of them are listed below.

  • Hoarseness
  • Sinusitis
  • Dizziness
  • Lethargy
  • Nausea
  • Delusions
  • Asthma
  • Anxiety

Also, this will damage some of the body parts like liver, nose, brain, and kidney. Additionally, this will cause the overdose risks. To get the quick result people will use more than one dosage of the Soma. That overdose of the drug also will cause serious harmful effects on your body.

How to avoid this?

Mainly by doing 2 things we can avoid the snorting of Soma one is controlling you.  Because all medicines will take sometimes to work properly you have to wait until that. Don’t use this method at that time to get immediate relief otherwise you will get into trouble.

The second method is buying Soma online with a proper guidance with a doctor. Because, as per the research the experts say that most of the people are buying Soma from over the counter method that is the reason for abusing the medication. That easily enables a way to abuse the Carisoprodol drug. But when it comes under the doctor guidance no one can abuse it. Monthly they will have a regular checkup that time doctors will take care of those people. Also, it is a prescription based drug so one should not procure the medication without prescription.

At the same time, quitting from this inhaling habit is a challenging one. Because when a person trying to get out from this method they will feel some issues in mood swings, sleeping, soreness, shakes and chills. That time they will feel that by taking the snorting method again is the only solution for that. But that’s not like that they should get a treatment from the doctor. And that was the best solution from that. So if anyone using this method they are in danger. Kindly keep those people away from that also get a doctor help to get them back to the normal life.