Payment options

Customers from all around the world buy Soma pills from us and to enable them to pay for their pills in a hassle free manner, Our Soma online pharmacy provided them with different payment methods.

We have considered offering different options through which customers can pay us including e-checks, Amazon Pay, credit cards, Bitcoins, and debit cards.

As you can see there are many options for customers to choose from. This allows you to choose to pick the one you are most comfortable with.

We do offer our customer Cash on Delivery (COD), but there are some restrictions on which customers are eligible for this method of payment. Only if the distance between the customer and our online pharmacy’s working location is small can the customer choose this method of payment. You must understand that once we have delivered the pills to your place, you will have to make the payment to the delivery person. Here you must note that you can only use cash to make the payment. No other means of payment will be accepted here.

When you come to the payment section, out of the different options available you can choose the one that suits you. For example, if you choose credit cards as your method of payment, then you will be transferred to the page where payment through credit card is possible. In this page, you will have to enter the details of your card. The details will include credit card number, name, and CVV number found in your card.

You need not worry about giving these details as we take them from every customer and we will keep them safe. You need not worry about the site being hacked and your details were stolen. Also, we will neither provide nor sell these or any details of our customers to any third party no matter the cost.

Remember for the payment to be successful only if the card details provided by you are correct. This fact holds true for other methods of payment.

In case you have queries about any of the method of payment then you should contact a representative from the customer care team. These representatives will not only answer your queries but also help you place your order online.

By providing our customers with a lot of payment options we have it easier for them. We would absolutely not give out any information about you or your card to anyone. However, it is highly recommended that once you have finished making your purchase that you log out of our website.

The reason for this that many people can have access to your information through your account and will misuse it. In case you have doubts about the safety measures that you should take to safeguard your account then talk to our customer care team. They will be glad to guide you.

The instructions on how to make payment through your preferred method will be very simple and you will have no trouble following them. However, we wish to be very clear and precise that at the moment our customers have only two methods of making payment. That is through MasterCard and e-Check. We have asked our technical team to make the other methods of payment available soon.

You can easily purchase your Soma pills online thanks to the different methods of payment. Keeping the details of your card will reduce the worry you feel when making payments. Rest assured that payments methods are safe and secure.