Generic Soma for a muscle relaxant

The Generic medication Carisoprodol is branded as Soma. this is approved and used as a powerful myorelaxant. It is also effective to treat injury pains and muscle spasms. This works by inhibiting the pain signal between the nerve and brain.

People with severe pain and need to get out of it can use Soma along with proper rest and physical treatment. This associated treatment will bring you the best result.

This Soma medication contains some inactive ingredients along with Carisoprodol. Those inactive components are Stearate, tribasic calcium, phosphate, alginic acid, potassium sorbate and starch. This medication looks white in colour crystalline in powder form. Soma will taste sour and has a mild scent.


Soma is also available in pills. This is marketed as a white circular medication of two strengths 250mg and 350mg respectively.

Medication uses

It is used as a muscle relaxant that is used to treat the condition of pain experienced in muscles. Hence due to this, it has been used recreationally for years.

The pain in muscles can be experienced due to various reasons such conditions involve muscle sprains, strains, injuries, hence to relieve pain and to relax the muscle you can use Soma.

By taking this medication 4 times a day you can get relieved from this disorder. The dosage of Soma depends on the different factors such as age, tolerance level, and medications taken already. This is an oral medication suggested for a short period of time. Taking the Soma longer than suggested will cause you adverse health effects.

Limitations of Soma

If you have a history of liver or kidney failure and addiction to any disease or alcohols and epilepsy and another blood disease such as acute intermittent porphyria, should consult the doctor before opting for the treatment.

If anyone is allergic to Carisoprodol, or any other drugs should avoid this treatment. Taking any other prescription and the non-prescription should be informed prior to your treatment.

The allergic medications, cold, muscle relaxant, sedatives, vitamin tablets should be informed before opting for this medication.

As this medication can cause sleepiness and vertigo you should be cautious in operating the machinery and driving vehicles. Drinking alcohol along with Soma can cause drowsiness and sleepiness.

If any allergic reaction was found on using Soma you should be aware of that in prior and should look carefully at the changes happened in your health state and report the doctor instantly.

The medication should not be taken at the time of pregnancy and also lactating mothers should stay away from this or can consult the doctor to start the treatment.

Health effects

Common health effects:

A headache, vertigo, sleepiness, impairment of vision, indigestion, vomiting, depression, irritability

If any of the above symptoms of allergic reaction exists consult the doctor immediately. As this is some of the common side effects which you may face on taking Soma for the first time. This may or may not be cured by adjusting the dosage level. Some severe health effects may also exist.

Severe health effects

Paralysis, cramps, coordination loss, paralysis, mental illness such as confusion in the state and anxiety, seizure are some of the severe effects of using Soma.

 The significant way to use:

The Soma is formulated to be taken orally. Standard count of the daily dosage is to be taken 4 times a day. Soma is strong enough to treat the condition of pain within 3 weeks of time. Longer usage than this can cause the deterioration of its effectiveness and will cause serious adverse effects.

Increasing the dosage or extending the period of treatment will cause side effects. Also, it is seen that Soma has withdrawal symptoms. This arises as an effect of using the Soma for a longer period of time and increasing the dose of Soma. The symptoms are cramps, sleeping disorder, headaches and feeling sick or the common side effects.

To overcome this withdrawal effects, you should consult the doctor and seek his advice. It is better to avoid withdrawal effects. By reducing the dosage gradually one can get rid of this. This can be done with the help of your doctor.