Frequently Asked Questions

What are the products you trade on this website?

We sell only Soma pain relief medications. Here you can access all dosages of Soma at the lowest price.

How you differ from other Soma online pharmacy?

We offer world-class customer support service on 24/7 basis and provide assurance on the lowest price to all of our customers. A wide range payment options available with us yet you can choose any one of the options for your order placed with our online pharmacy. And moreover, we offer a refund for the customers who receive a defective or damaged product from us.

How to contact your online drugstore?

You can reach us either via email or contact us page at any time of the day.  Although we communicate with all of our customers in English.

How is your Products quality?

All of our medicinal products are tested and approved by the Department of Food and Drugs Administration yet we hold up with real Soma pills.

Products are sourced from Sun Pharma – How true is your statement?

Sun pharma seal has been mentioned on the product contained box. You can see it whenever you received the product from an online pharmacy.

Will I experience any side effects after using your medicine product?

May not sure. Because it depends on your pill usages. Suppose if you are taking the medicine under the supervision of your doctor, then you may not face any side effects with our products but in case if you are taking on your own without consulting the doctor, then there is a chance for you to experience some side effects.

How cheap is your product?

The best offer we can provide for Soma product is $1.26. This price indicates for only one pill. You never see this price at any other places.

What is your purchase success ratio?

So far our purchase success ratio is 96%. Some orders and packages are canceled due to some issues.

Do you face any problem in delivering the order package to the customer place?

Yes, we came across so many issues. Some products held up with customs and some of their order failed to deliver on time due to the customer place due to an incorrect address provided by them or not available in their location.

How fast are your shipment?

We ship the product within 7 to 14 business days. Even some products would be delivered before an estimated delivery time.

How long will it take for my refund to be credited to my account?

The process of a refund will be carried out once you receive the confirmation notification. Refund will be process within 10 to 14 business days. The user can check their account details and can also verify the status of refund by logging into their account.

I cannot able to pay through credit card-What is the reason?

This may be due to the security reason of your bank. The user needs to contact the bank to unblock the security of your card to process your payment. Better you can pay for your order placement with any other payment mode.

Will my credit card entry reveal the nature of the product purchased?

No, it will not be displayed on your entry. We are concealing it using for the security and privacy of our customers. Hence the purchase you made will be notified as a discreet package.