Do you accept only conventional prescription given by a doctor?

No, we accept both conventional prescriptions given by a doctor and those generated through the internet. But, we make it a point to check whether the prescription is authentic or not before we provide you with Soma.

I want to avail online doctor consultation, do you provide it?

Not at the moment. We do accept internet generated prescriptions given by certain sites and we guide you to these sites. This is a temporary arrangement as we plan to provide such consultations in the near future.

Do local stores accept internet generated prescriptions?

Yes, they accept internet generated prescriptions. You will only face problems if the prescription is not licensed.

Do online prescriptions cost a lot of money?

The amount of money you have to pay to depend on the portal you have chosen to hold your consultation. There are portals that will give you the prescriptions free of cost, while others might charge you a meager amount. In most case, you will pay less than what you would pay for an offline consultation.

What are the things I must do before my online consultation?

There are two things you need to do before you start your online consultation. First, you should have all your medical records ready both current and past. And second, you should ensure that your internet connection is good and fast well before the consultation. That is all. If you have both in order, then you are ready.

How much legal value does an internet prescription have?

The legal validity of the internet prescription depends on the portal where you had your consultation. If you had your consultation done is genuine, then the credentials of the doctor who gives the prescription can be verified by the respective authorities of your country. If their credentials hold, so should the prescriptions given by them. But, you must be aware that there are many sites that are not verified by the authorities. Thus, you must take great care while choosing the portal where your online consultation will take place.

Is it necessary to buy Soma from the same place where I got my internet generated prescription?

That is a tricky question. It depends on the portal. Some portals might insist that you buy from them while others don’t. Generally, it is not necessary.

Why should I buy my Soma from you?

We have already mentioned on our site that you can get genuine Soma pills from us. Also, when you buy from us you are guaranteed options in both payment and shipping. Besides, you can buy both branded and generic versions of Soma from us at discounted prices. Our refund policy is one of the best. Finally, our discreet packing will ensure your privacy is not affected. These are the benefits you will receive when you buy Soma from us.

How soon will my Soma shipment reach me?

That depends on the type of shipment you have chosen. If you have chosen one day or two days shipment options, your shipment will reach within one day or two days respectively. However, if you choose 5-12 days it will take on an average 9 days to reach, give or take two days.

Is COD option is available at Buy-somaonline.com?
Yes, we have the COD delivery option. You can choose it if you wish to pay in cash after you have received your shipment of Soma.

From where do you get the Soma pills you sell?

We buy our Soma pills from the top level wholesale manufacturers that can be found in the US. Also, once every fortnight we check and refill our supplies of Soma.

IF I do not get my shipment, Can I trust you to give my money back?

To clear this doubt, we suggest that you read our refund policy and shipping policy. There you find the information you enquired about.