Delivery Details

We, the pharmacy offers worldwide shipping service to our customers. As our pharmacy has multiple dispatching units across the globe we can provide service without fail. Also, we avail different shipping methods for the benefit of our customers. We consider the reliability of our services and we enroll our best to keep our words we provide our customers. All this is possibly done by keeping in hands with the legitimate and trusted shipping services such as EMS and Airmail. They help us deliver our products on time to our customers. These shipping service teams help us deliver the package to you without fail and delay.

Modes of our delivery service

Free shipping any user can avail this free shipping offer from us. Hence by using this, you can save your cost of shipping and the user will be charged for the products alone. However, this service from us will take longer duration. When compared to other two available shipping services. The products ordered through this method is shipped within 5 to 12 days from the date or placing an order.

Two days shipping service

The user can get their products delivered within 2 days. This is not available at free of cost this service of shipping will cost about $ 40. and hence the products you order will be processed soon and will be dispatched immediately and will ready to get delivered. The time of delivery will take about a couple of days.

One day shipping service

The user can get fast delivery of their Soma products possibly within 1 day. This is so sooner that your products will be delivered at your doorstep the next day of placing an order. This service can be availed by any of our customers around the world as our dispatching unit will get your products delivered to your location faster. This service will be charged about $60. No customs charges will be detected in addition to your shipping charge as we will take care of that.

Contact us if delayed

Above mentioned is the estimated time of delivery of our package. Also along with the confirmation mail of your product, the estimated time of delivery will be sent to you. If any delay occurred in delivering your product on time, you can contact our customer care team members who will explain your product status. If the delivery issue cannot be fixed the user can claim refund or return of the product. This is under the case if the product is missed or hold by any customs activity.

Career EMS and Airmail service

We consider the safety of our product till it reaches our customer. Hence we do not make any risk in delivering our products through discounted and low-faithful delivery services. Thus we didn’t mind paying a little fare for delivery our products on time to our customer’s doorstep. Thus we are trusting this two leading source in delivering our pack. Based on the destination address, the package will be delivered either by EMS or Airmail services. Also, the mode of delivery chosen by the user will decide the service which we use to deliver. Once delivered we confirm the status of our customer to maintain the reliability of our services.