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The best pain reliever is Soma – A true life incident

Soma to cure pain“I have a good friend who is my neighbor and also my well-wisher. He is very proficient in athletics and he is a professional road running champion. Indeed, he is pursuing his college studies from a reputed American University, he is very much interested in athletics. He used in work hard every day and sometimes he can’t find 24 hrs to be sufficient for his works. In fact, he used to practice running hard so much after college hours, that his parents were unable to see him at home. He loves to run all the day in the ground and he got medals and champions in various sports events and was widely appreciated for his hard work and dedication. Meanwhile, the time comes where he juggles between his passion sports and college studies. And that’s become the reason for everything.

His parents are fully supportive and they keep on encouraging him for his hard work. Sometimes, I used to observe him running and was always fascinated by his dedication. His obsession towards road running was so much to an extent that, he used to run all night time and also tried cross-country running. AOnsome occasions, he even run without proper coach guidance. As a good friend of mine, I always used to encourage him and motivate. In fact, we used to hang out together and spend some jolly time here in our college sports ground. Meanwhile, he is getting ready for an upcoming international road running championship event, which is a dream run for my friend.  As like any other weekends, we were supposed to meet at the same college ground on one Saturday. But something happened unusually. Yes, I received a call from his parents saying that he is suffering from severe muscle pain and he can’t come for the day. I immediately started off to his home to find out what is really happening there. Much to my disappointment, he was terribly suffering from muscle pain in his leg. Without wasting much time, I took him to a nearby doctor. After the doctor examines him, the doctor confirmed that my friend is suffering from Muscle Spasms. Doctor also explains to us that after any type of injury or strain in the soft issues of your muscles can cause or the reason of any type of muscle spasm. The doctor also explained that this muscle spasms are most common for any athletes but gives severe pain on that region. Doctor prescribed my friend to take a medicine called ‘Soma’, which is a muscle relaxer that blocks pain sensations between the brain and nerves.

As the doctor prescribed, we decided to buy Soma medicine from a popular online pharmacy store and after a day’s time, we received our medicine in hand. As per the doctor’s prescription and advice, my friend takes Soma 3 times per day and follows the doctor’s dosing instruction. As per the doctor’s advice, he has started and experiencing the positive effects within two days itself. My friend was so happy that he is getting out from pain stage by stage after a week. And I am happy to share that my friend becomes the championship in that international road running sports event and whenever he come across people suffering from muscle spasms he advises them to take this Soma medicine with full confidence. He also advises all his athletic friends to keep this Soma medicine in hand for immediate muscle relaxation.