Available Payment Options

The user should compensate their invoice using the following payment methods. The time of the transaction will vary based on the mode of the user chose. Thus the confirmation of their order will also vary. Once the transaction is successful we will confirm their order. and once confirmed the package will be processed for shipping.

Modes of payment

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • E-Checks
  • Bitcoins

Visa and MasterCard

The user can make use of this primary method which will take about 1 day respectively. Any trouble in accessing your card during payment can be clarified during the process. If the process is incomplete you can get immediate help from our help desk. If the problem in transaction still exists you should connect to the banking process immediately. Due to some security reason of your bank in processing your payment to some location limit may be prohibited under such case the user should reach them to unlock the security access.


The other common method of access to our bank is this through which you can make a successful transaction. All this can be made with no restriction to users. The transaction is spontaneous and will take up to 2 days. Hence the user gets the notification of confirmation of their order within days respectively.


It is the other common method of payment used to make a successful transaction. However, the processing time of this will take up to 7 days. Hence the user will receive the order confirmation once the transaction is confirmed. This method will, however, take quite longer duration when compared to other methods of transaction.

Security of your transaction mode

The payment page of our website is encrypted hence the details you enter us will not be used by any third parties. All the details entering the website is safe and secure also the person is free of piracy. Also, we have owned SSL certificate ensuring our website is a secured platform to submit your details. All the modes of payment details are never saved in our system. The credentials are not easily available to our help desk. Hence they cannot use it without permission. All the rights are reserved to protect the user’s information. We are maintaining a trained and expert team to protect the information from the user. All this is done periodically ensuring the prevention of any mishaps.


Any doubts in processing the payment or any delay in receiving the confirmation notification from us or delay in getting the products delivered to you is solved by connecting our help desk. The user can mail us or can leave a comment in the contact us form. The query will be seen and cleared immediately. Any delay in processing will also be notified to you in prior. Hence the user should reach immediately to get help in processing.