7 Days Easy Returns

The product once delivered is final. The return or reshipment for the product will be provided under our circumstances. Such conditions involve the following terms. Only when the condition that the user hold for return or reshipment is considered valid by our team you can claim for the procedure. Until an acceptance and confirmation of your request is sent the user is not assured with the refund or reshipment.

Conditions of return or refunds

  • The problem should be reported within 7 days of delivery.
  • Only if the delivery is not exact or appropriate to their they can avail complete return and refund of the product.
  • If the user has changed their desire for using the product then they can cancel the order. And the refund for the cancellation will be dependent on the time of cancellation of the order.
  • All this process will be guided by our team members. All you need to do is to connect our team with the valid reason.

Process of return

  • If the product is inappropriate to the order,
  • If the package is damaged or used,
  • If the package quantity is inappropriate,

The user should claim a request via mail to our team members with a valid reason. A proof if needed will be received in the form of photography and our delivery service person will reach to collect the package. Once the pack has reached us we will process your refund. The user can check their account within 10 days. Any delay in the process should be informed immediately to the customer care people.

Cancellation process

If the user desires to cancel the order after confirmation they should cancel the order. This is by connecting with the team members to can proceed your process. However, if you desire to cancel then proceed immediately which will help us to stop the order from being shipped. Thus the refund will vary be based on two below reasons.

The person can cancel their order at the time before we proceed to ship. This is possible by canceling the order within a day. And under such condition, the product will be held within our limit. And the user can get a complete refund for their order. The transaction will take up to 10 days of processing.

If the request for cancellation is received after the product is shipped from our side then the order cannot be stopped at the mid of the shipping process. Hence the product will be delivered at the local delivery service and it will be reshipped to us. Thus the user refund amount will be deducted from the shipping charge. Thus the user canceling the order after shipping cannot be benefited with the full refund cost.

Any of the requests should be processed by our team members through the mail. And if the user is not satisfied with the product and wish to return the product should send the request immediately and on receiving the confirmation mail from our side they should return the product through shipping. This should be done at their own cost and after verification, we will confirm the refund for the product.